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Is your business at the top?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to generate leads, sales and website traffic. Companies that get increased business tend to be the ones ranked at the top of the search.

Many businesses underestimate the effectiveness of being one of the top 5 results. There are hundreds or even thousands of people in your area searching for what you sell every day.


$19/ Day
FREE business website
UNLIMITED Optimization
11 Keywords
Monthly report
FREE Hosting
FREE Domain
10 Email accounts
SSL Certificate
#1 Landing page optimization


$10/ Day
FREE small business website
Standard Optimization
5 Keywords
Monthly report
FREE Hosting
FREE Domain
5 Email accounts
SSL Certificate
#1 Landing page optimization

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Do I get a free website?

Yes. The package you select determines the type of website that is for free. Click on the website type above to see description.

Is there a contract?

A minimum of 4 months is required. We recommend that you commit to SEO for at least 1 year to ensure consistant results are being achieved. There are no exit fees after the minimum period.

I need a larger / smaller website than the included website?

Thats fine. Larger websites will be quoted as an extra before we begin so you know all the costs before you start. Smaller websites will be given a 15 days of free SEO, avaliable after 3 months.

Can I upgrade?

Yes. If your business has been taken to the next level and you need a larger website and bigger online presence we recommend you upgrage as your business grows.

How often do I pay and how?

An invoice is sent at the start of the month for the number of days in that month.

What happens after 4 months?

We will continue to work on your websites SEO until you decide to stop the service. In which case we will transfer all the files and domain names to you.